Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to Tristar Culinary Institute

TRISTAR CULINARY INSTITUTE is an educational institute producing individuals having culinary skills and professionalism in career.

The teaching methods of Tri Star Culinary Institute focuses more in daily practical activities. Everyday from Monday to Friday the students are given 1 (one) hour theory and 3 (three) hour practice.

The course will mainly stress on the techniques of internationally standard products making and processing.

All the course materials are well prepared by the Tri Star Culinary Institute management. With the support of experienced teaching staff it is expected that the students can be prepared to be qualified new culinary experts.

Students shall join on the job training for 6 months in 4 or 5 star hotels, so that they may get more practical knowledge and the chance of applying the skills they have got during study in the campus.

Tri Star Culinary Institute has 3 programs of Professional Education of 6 months, 1 or 2 years covering :
1. P√Ęttiseries (Bakery & Pastry)
2. Culinary

Institute of Education & Training Tristar
3 Months Education Culinary & Hospitality Department of Education diploma.
Courses could Departments
Casual Jobs available for Resto & Hotel.
1. Food & Beverage Service / Bartending
2. Food & Beverage Products
3. Baking & Pastry
4. Chinese Food Specialist

Jln. Raya Surabaya Jemursari 240A
Tel: 031-8415016 -8438913
Flexi 031-81639991-2
Fax: 031-8432050

Tristar Culinary Institute
Culinary Education Program D1, D2 D3
System Study: Practice Every Day
Jln Raya Jemursari 234. Surabaya
Phone 031-8433224-25
HP; 0817321024
Fax: 031-8432050.

Course Tristar Royal Plaza Branch
Royal Plaza Food Court 3rd Floor Block N1-17.
Tel & Fax: 031-8271625:
031-91938824 (Ellis).
031-83109709 (Amay),
Mr. Nunu 031-71724499, 081553874499.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Food preservative - sodium benzoate Food Grade

Suitable preservative used to preserve syrup, sweets, jam, ketchup, bottled drinks, food acid nature.
Description: Shaped powder or white granule characteristic smell.
Water soluble

Applications: Used As with preservatives, food, drink acidic (low pH).

Dose usage 1gr / 1 kg, may be reduced because the effect of sodium benzoate taste, but if the reduced durability of the products also reduced.

Save on the place closed, cool and dry
To brand: Holland. Available in 200 gram packages, 500 g, 1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg. Ready stock.